Petite Patrie is located in the centre of the city of Montreal,in the borough Rosemont-La-Petite-Patrie, and is bordered to the north by Belanger Street, to the east by Iberville Street, Masson and St. Gregoire streets to the south and Hutchison Street to the west. La Petite-Patrie i bordered by tje Plateau Mont-RoyalRosemontVilleraySaint-Michel and Parc-Extension. A multiethnic neighbourhood with Italian, Vietnamese, and Latin-American residents, Petite Patrie is comprised mainly of apartments. However, since the early 2000's, the area has experienced a certain amount of gentrification, and many condos have been built. Petite Patrie will interest people wanting to find an affordable residence while still living in Montreal (and right next to the Plateau).

 Features and attractions:

  • Rosemont and Beaubien metro stations (orange line)
  • Pere Marquette Park
  • Pere Marquette Centre (pool, gym, skating rink)
  • Saint-Denis Swimming Pool

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La Petite Patrie

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