Okay, I admit it. I have been seduced. Among the 19 boroughs in Montreal that have been vying for my attention, offering an enticing variety of lifestyles, pace and culture, I have fallen for Rosemont--La-Petite-Patrie. Here’s why:

1. A few minutes away from the city’s hotspots

Whether you want to shop the downtown boutiques or spend a day in a university library, the huge borough of Rosemont—La Petite-Patrie (R-P-P) is in the centre of it all on the Montreal Island. Stretching from Outremont all the way to Parc Maisonneuve, it is still simple to get around R-P-P, no matter where you are. More than 15 bus lines cross the community, in addition to the two metro stations and the bike paths.

2. A family-friendly neighbourhood


You can live, work and have fun in R-P-P for a lot less money than its neighbour the Plateau, which makes R-P-P an ideal sector for young couples who wish to start a family without moving too far from the action. There are more than 50 parks, as well as outdoor pools, water games and community gardens. Two libraries overflow with history and culture, including one right next to Cinéma Beaubien, host of the International Children’s Film Festival of Montreal. And of course, no family outing can beat a visit to the Botanical Gardens where, no matter what the season, colours and scents from around the world are on display, from China to Mexico, from Japan and across Europe. You still want more? The Insectarium with all its creatures is waiting for you just next door.

3. A diverse population


The young and not-so-young of any background will feel right at home in this sector where diversity is a main attraction. And if you want to take your inter-cultural experience to the next level, visit Little Italy as often as you can: you will love the traditional meals served in the cafés and restaurants in this warm and generous community – è delizioso! Family businesses on every street corner will offer you the very best in personalized customer service, and you won’t want to miss the shopping experience of Promenade Masson and the surrounding area.

4. Éco-friendly

I have also discovered that R-P-P is a leader in the field of environmental action, being the first borough to implement a plan of sustainable development for its territory. This year saw the arrival of recycling bins with lids, a great way to prevent newspapers and boxes from flying away in the wind.

But this is a small thing compared to the new building developments on the horizon : more than 2,000 condos with green or white roofs will soon be built in Old Rosemount, all with indoor parking to leave room for the greening of the outdoor spaces.

Let yourself go


It would be impossible for me to cover all that Rosemont—La Petite-Patrie has to offer to new arrivals as well as seasoned old-timers, but the best way to catch the feeling is to check it out for yourself. Pull up a chair in one of the famous Café Lézard coffee shops and chat it up over a good latté. Come on, it’s a date!