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Maison de rêve

What can you buy with $250,000?

This is it! Your mind is set: you’re buying a house. A brand-new one, on top of it! It’s all very exciting, but what does, say, a $250,000 budget get you? Step 1: Price, Home Type and Location Once [...]


Urban condos are making an appearance in the suburbs!

From Laval to the South Shore and even further from the Montreal area, promoters are describing their projects as “urban condos”. Urban condos in the suburbs – something of a paradox, wouldn’t you agree? For many, living in [...]

Le Peterson

Skyscrapers in Montreal: the cityscape evolves

In Montreal, more than a dozen of residential skyscrapers will be home of hundreds of new condos. Real estate developers see Montreal as ripe for development. There is a long list of new towers of 20 floors or [...]