Little Italy is part of the Rosemont-la-Petite-Patrie borough. It is bordered by St. Laurent Boulevard to the west, Jean Talon to the north, Drolet Street to the east and St. Zotique to the south and is near the Mile End andVilleray. Little Italy, as its name indicates, was historically the area where Italian immigrants settled down. This Italian majority has created a unique ambience in the neighbourhood, with its little cafes, restaurants and Italian shops. The Jean Talon Market, with its fruit and vegetable stalls and restaurants and boutiques with local artisanal products, is by far the neighbourhood's biggest draw. Little Italy has, for a long time, consisted mostly of apartments. However, for more than a decade, the neighbourhood has enjoyed a real estate boom, and many condos have been built. Little Italy will be interesting to people who want to live in a lively place where everything is accessible.

 Features and attractions:

  • shops, cafes and restaurants
  • Jean-Talon Market

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Petite Italie

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