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St. Vincent-de-Paul

Saint-Vincent-de-Paul is on the south of Ile Jesus, facing the Ahuntsic and Montreal North neighbourhoods of Montreal. It is bordered by Auteuil Boulevard to the west, Highway 440 to the north, Montee Saint-Francois to the east and the [...]


Discover… the city of Laval

The City of Laval is the third largest city in the Province of Quebec with a population of 416,000 inhabitants (2014). Its territory of 245 km2 includes the entire île Jésus, the island that is in the middle of [...]



Located in the centre of Ile Jesus, Vimont is bordered by Sainte-Rose Boulevard to the north, Papineau Ave to the west, the Laurentan Boulevard to the east, Highway 440 and Saint-Martin Boulevard to the south, as well as [...]


Pont Viau

Pont Viau is located at the south of Ile Jesus in front of Ahuntsic. It is bordered by Laurentian Boulevard, Saint-Martin Boulevard East, Notre Dame de Fatima Street and Riviere-des-Prairies. This primarily francophone area is mostly residential, and [...]



Bordered by 62nd Ave to the west, Souvenir Boulevard to the north, Saint-Luc Street to the east and the Riviere-des-Prairies to the south, Laval-des-Rapides is located in the south centre of Ile Jesus, facing Ahuntsic. It is a [...]


Chomedey at a glance

Bordered by Riviere-des-Prairies to the south, Highway 13 to the west, Highway 40 to the north and Daniel Johnson Boulevard to the east, Chomedey is located on the southwest of Ile Jesus. Chomedey is Laval’s most multiethnic sector, [...]

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Brand new condos: salespeople are not all real estate brokers

When time comes to buy a new property, an incredible amount of factors come into play. Several tools – including GuideHabitation.ca – are available to help you find what you need. And you might want to enlist the [...]

Magasiner sa maison

2014: Good news in the Guarantee Plan for new houses

If you intend to buy a new house in 2014, here are some good news! An important reform of the Regulation respecting the guarantee plan for new residential buildings, expected for years now, has finally been announced by [...]

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9 reasons to buy a new home without the help of a broker

1 – You can do it yourself, if time permits The jargon home-buying world is relatively difficult to understand, but don’t let that stop you. It’s often better to take the time to do everything yourself. It’s always [...]


9 reasons to buy a new home with a real estate broker

Buying a new property: with or without the help of a broker? You have decided to buy a condo or a house, you’ve made your budget and you have decided on an area to move to. You have [...]