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Trick questions for condo sellers

What makes promoters of new condos and homes uncomfortable? We asked four people representing residential projects to answer some of our trick questions… and whether or not there were questions that made them uncomfortable. The results were surprising! [...]


Urban condos are making an appearance in the suburbs!

From Laval to the South Shore and even further from the Montreal area, promoters are describing their projects as “urban condos”. Urban condos in the suburbs – something of a paradox, wouldn’t you agree? For many, living in [...]

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2014: Good news in the Guarantee Plan for new houses

If you intend to buy a new house in 2014, here are some good news! An important reform of the Regulation respecting the guarantee plan for new residential buildings, expected for years now, has finally been announced by [...]

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No need for a man to buy a condo!

Marie-Pier Ouellet fell under the spell of a condo. So she made an offer and is excitedly waiting to hear back from the bank. A young single urban professional, Marie-Pier is part of significant demographic in the realm [...]


A website for homes… that aren’t for sale

What is it? A website selling homes? Partial sale? Pictures of homes that aren’t for sale? Ads for people who wish to keep their homes? No—it’s a site of houses that will maybe be for sale [...]

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Financial aid for new home buyers

A recent survey reveals that many young first-time home buyers face financial challenges in the acquisition of a condo or house. They see the high cost of real estate, their personal revenue, as well as the required 5% [...]


A monkey like Darwin in your condo?

Stylish pets in your choice of single or double breasted coat: coming soon to an Ikea near you. All the commotion this week has really got me thinking about pets. In case you’ve been under a rock for [...]