Montreal area activities to get your blood flowing

Rumour has it that fall is coming to Montreal, and there’s no better time to get out there and enjoy some fresh-air activities.  Whether you’re a newly-arrived student, a family with a penchant for the wild side, or [...]


Buying a new home? Rest insured!

When buying a new property, we readily consider the down payment, notary fees, welcome tax and inspection costs, but we often forget the expenses related to insurance. As a new home buyer, however, you will be faced with [...]


Town of Mount Royal: peace and beauty in the heart of the city

The Town of Mount Royal can hardly hide its reputation: beautiful, green, safe. But Mount Royal, or TMR for its residents, is more than just a village for the privileged; it is a city with a flair for [...]

Magasiner sa maison

Financial aid for new home buyers

A recent survey reveals that many young first-time home buyers face financial challenges in the acquisition of a condo or house. They see the high cost of real estate, their personal revenue, as well as the required 5% [...]


Mind Your MELs and other tips for living green-er

Your appliances proudly bear the Energy Star label. You always carry a re-usable grocery bag, just in case. You even switch it all off for earth hour … and watch hockey by candlelight on your computer. Green is [...]

Ligne bleue

Côte-des-Neiges : living the good life on the blue line

« Montreal may be great for going out, but it’s not a good place to settle down.” Really? I have news for you. You want to live in the city, raise your kids, and enjoy the nightlife without going [...]

Montreal markets: fresh in the city

It’s a sunny Saturday morning and you might be wondering what to do with your day. Montreal is world-renowned for its restaurants per capita, its variety of festivals and increasingly, its markets. Here are a few special places [...]

Insider advice for first-time home buyers

You’re doing some serious looking and you need some serious help. Buying a first home can be a daunting affair. Here are a few tips from people in the know to boost your confidence and give you an [...]

10 Commandments for roommates

Buying a condo to live in while you go to school in the city can be a good investment. Sharing it is a great plan for saving money. Here are the 10 commandments you should follow to ensure [...]

Famille en vacances

Ten new ways to enjoy the Montreal summer with your kids

Suffering from the late-summer “Been there, done that” blues? If you, like many parents, are looking for something new and different to do with the family to enjoy what is left of the beautiful Montreal summer (and stave [...]