Pret hypothecaire

Mortgages in 10 lessons

You’re almost ready to realize your dream and buy your first home, but the very thought of a mortgage gives you hives? You don’t understand anything when it comes to down payments, interest, insurance, amortization and mortgage terms? [...]

bureau des ventes

8 questions to ask in the sales office

Buying a brand-new home is a very different process than purchasing one on the resale market. And more often than not, it is less known! It is important to be well prepared before visiting a sales office because you [...]


Tips for non-resident house buyers

If you don’t live in the Province of Quebec, you need to know the rules of the game before buying a condo or a second home. From mortgage financing to tax obligations, experts explain what non-resident buyers need [...]

annuler contrat achat condo

How can I cancel my offer on a house?

You are two steps away from getting a house that you like a lot, but suddenly you start to doubt your decision. But, is there a way to back down? “People think they are just making a simple [...]


The rules for renting out your condo – short-term or long-term

Some people buy one or more condos with the goal of renting them out long-term, while other new owners rent on occasion (when going on vacation, for example) on the Airbnb platform or not (depending on the context). [...]

plan de maison

10 things to consider before buying a new home

Buying a new home is serious business. For many, it will be the biggest economic transaction of their life. The quality of its construction is therefore an essential component. We have identified the top ten things to verifying [...]


Four questions to better understand the purchase of a condo on plan

You love the neighborhood, the plans, the model unit… in short, you’re in love with a condominium that’s still in the project state. Here are four answers to your most common questions. 1. How many units will the [...]

flip immobilier

6 tips to avoid turning a flip into a flop!

Do you dream of performing the perfect house flip? You’re not alone. A increasingly larger population is becoming interested in the concept of the flip, thanks in part to the rapid multiplication of television shows on the topic. [...]

plan habitation neuve

Buying a Condo Off-Plan: Mitigating the Risks

There are many advantages to buying a condo off-plan, but there are also risks involved. We’re here to tell you what they are, and how to best protect yourself. Buying a condo off-plan can be a good idea. [...]


5 tips to follow the construction of your new home

Work has begun, and in a few months, you will set foot in your brand-new house . . .  that does not yet exist. For the moment, you wish to be able to follow the progress of operations. [...]