Do you have $1 million to spend? Are you part of a very select club of high net worth individuals with at least $1 million in the bank, or do you dream of someday living a jet set lifestyle?

Whatever the case, can help simplify the process of finding your million dollar dream residence.

In Autumn 2017, we’ll be launching a special section called "Luxury Selection", reserved for real estate projects featuring homes and condominiums valued at $1 million and more.
Maisons Bel Air - maisons de prestige

According to Maurizio Furno, partner and real estate consultant, promoters of exclusive, high-end projects often look to distinguish themselves from other projects through their communication strategy. This new portal section will offer an exclusive and visually distinguished space. Additionally, it will allow wealthier-than-average buyers, as well as those who dream of an affluent lifestyle, to find newly-built penthouses, luxurious condominiums and prestigious homes.

Remember, projects with units valued at $1 million and more often also offer units of less than $1 million. In other words, it may be possible to buy a home within those projects without spending the million you have stuffed under your mattress!

Check out the LuxuryProjects section.

 Images credits: Condos Evolo XMaisons Bel Air