Dollard des Ormeaux (also knows as DDO) is located on the West Island. It is bordered more or less by Brunswick Boulevard (Pointe-Claire) to the south, the Bois-de-Liesse nature park to the east, Sommerfest Street (Saint-Laurent) to the west and Pierrefonds-Roxboro to the north. A well-to-do town independent from the rest of Montreal, DDO's population is mostly anglophone. The neighbourhood, with its houses and condos, will interest people who want to live in a calm and peaceful area while still living on the island.

A neighbourhood that developed mostly after the war, DDO has always maintained its autonomous spirit, as was exemplified by its decision to gain independence from Montreal in 2006.

Features and attractions:

  • Sunnybrooke commuter train station
  • Bois-de-Liesse nature park

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