New home taxes

Alas, new homes are taxable! Indeed, buyers will be burdened by additional charges of 5% for the Goods and Services Tax [GST] and 9.975% for the Quebec Sales Tax [QST]. There is hope, though. It is possible to [...]

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Condo neuf

New condos: don’t forget the contingency fund

Brand-new condo managers are nowadays more aware of the necessity of having a well-stocked contingency fund. Nevertheless, the battle to raise awareness is far from over especially with the smaller condominiums, and a more coercive legislation still needs [...]

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Un toit

Condo fees: investing for the future

We’re all looking for a good deal, and condo fees are no different. In fact, low condo fees, in addition to saving us money, seem to indicate careful management on the part of the administrators. Is this really [...]

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The true cost of buying a home

Beginning with the selling price of the property that you are interested in, the purchase of a house or condo involves many different expenses, some of which you may not have considered. From the welcome tax to notary [...]

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