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Everything you need to know about home ownership programs

Municipalities need revenues to pay their employees and to provide services to their citizens, and the primary source of obtaining and increasing that revenue is through property taxes. Therefore, municipalities apply a variety of imaginative approaches to attracting [...]


All about the warranties on new houses

Maybe you don’t know it, but the world of new housing projects just lived a great revolution. Since January 1st 2015, the Garantie de construction rsidentielle (GCR) is the only organization authorized by the Rgie du btiment du [...]

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Net or gross surface area: watch out for dwellings that are smaller than expected

The difference between the surface area of a unit as written in the sales contract and its actual surface area once the unit is built is a recurring problem in real estate. Net square footage, gross square footage [...]

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10 things to consider before buying a new home

Buying a new home is serious business. For many, it will be the biggest economic transaction of their life. The quality of its construction is therefore an essential component. We have identified the top ten things to verifying [...]


HOMZ in the new new English name for Guide Habitation

In april 2023, the English version of became After more than 17 years of existence,GuideHabitation.camigrated its English side under a name that makes more sense in the Shakespeare’s GuideHabitation.caremains the same in the language of [...]


How to Negotiate Efficiently the Purchase of Your Condo

Warning, this article will greatly please buyers… but perhaps less sellers! I have managed to gather a few insider tips which are easy and practical, that will allow you to save hundreds, even thousands of dollars while purchasing [...]


How to buy a new condo and save money

For somebody looking for a new home, these are confusing times we live in. Gone are the good old days ofles habitants, when all you had to do was walk into a clearing, drive a stake into the [...]


Four questions to better understand the purchase of a condo on plan

You love the neighborhood, the plans, the model unit… in short, you’re in love with a condominium that’s still in the project state. Here are four answers to your most common questions. 1. How many units will the [...]

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5 tips to follow the construction of your new home

Work has begun, and in a few months, you will set foot in your brand-new house . . . that does not yet exist. For the moment, you wish to be able to follow the progress of operations. [...]


New home taxes

Alas, new homes are taxable! Indeed, buyers will be burdened by additional charges of 5% for the Goods and Services Tax [GST] and 9.975% for the Quebec Sales Tax [QST]. There is hope, though. It is possible to [...]