The Town of Mount Royal can hardly hide its reputation: beautiful, green, safe. But Mount Royal, or TMR for its residents, is more than just a village for the privileged; it is a city with a flair for beauty – a beauty that manifests itself in different ways.

Architectural beauty


Houses in Mount Royal are built according to a unified architectural style that allows for only eight models, including the City Garden, the English Manor, the Cottage and the Bungalow. The neighbourhood also offers an exceptional choice of modern condominiums in residential complexes such as SAX-Mont-Royal, 2285 Ekers and Kubik condos. This means you have the choice between grand or moderate, luxury or affordable, vintage or contemporary. There is something here to delight and inspire budding urbanists: Mount Royal is a life-size catalogue of architectural style.

Natural beauty


With 70 parks, trees as far as the eye can see, and an impressive variety and quantity of flowers, it is no wonder that future homeowners are attracted to this neighbourhood with a natural feel. From its earliest days, the town of Mount Royal has sought to be a model of urbanism, a symbiosis between the energy of the city and the well-being of the countryside. And now that the objective has been achieved, the city continues to maintain this harmony for the quality of life of its community. Sustainable development is taken seriously in TMR. Whether it be in terms of transportation, garbage removal or energy consumption, the protection of the environment is second nature.

Community beauty


Above and beyond the dream homes, the smell of roses and songs of the birds, Mount Royal is also a vibrant neighbourhood, not only due to its advantageous location at the heart of the Montréal island, but also thanks to its population. The 19,503 inhabitants (2011) of TMR come from here and from elsewhere, and they also contribute to the beauty of the city by their involvement, and also by their particular cultures. As in any small town, everybody knows everybody in Mount Royal, but that only contributes to its charm and encourages the feeling of belonging in the community.

Exterior and interior beauty go hand in hand in Mount Royal, but if that is not enough for you to make up your mind, try this : taxes here are lower than the rest of Montreal. Now it’s up to you.