You’re a city person. You go to work by metro; you try the little bistro. Problem is, your partner prefers the suburbs -- parks for those kids in your future, the sounds of birds singing at the crack of dawn. Is it possible to make everybody happy? Easy! Move to Notre-Dame-de-Grâce.

The good life

Notre-Dame-de-Grâce – affectionately known as NDG – is the perfect neighbourhood for those looking for the best of the city and the suburbs. The many advantages of the sector and its ideal location will charm you immediately. Situated close to the Décarie autoroute, NDG is exactly halfway between your relatives on the south shore and the ones on the north shore. What’s more, the bus service and the Villa Maria and Vendôme metros make it easy for you to get into the heart of the city to see your friends.

Of course, somebody is bound to warn you, « Well, it’s still Montreal. No place to raise a family!” They couldn’t be more misguided. NDG offers you everything you need for your children. For starters, you will find several schools, French and English, elementary and secondary, public and private. This includes schools in French and English that offer the International Baccalaureate program, offering advanced second language instruction and enriched academics. The multicultural nature of NDG also provides an enriching context to expand the horizons of your children.


Artwork: Carole Spandau

But what about you? If NDG is a nice place to visit, are you sure you’d want to live there? For the past several years, Notre-Dame-de-Grâce has undergone positive economic growth, especially thanks to the development of Monkland Avenue. This main artery, better known as the Monkland Village, boasts several restaurants, cafés, and local businesses. You have an urge for Indian food? The very popular Goût de l’Inde restaurant is just the thing. If you’d rather stay in, why not order from Chalet BBQ, one of the best BBQ places in Montreal since 1944. Just feel like sitting down to relax after a long day at work? Un amour des thés offers you a quiet place to enjoy a good book and a great cup of tea.

Home, very sweet home

All that’s left now is to find your dream home. In NDG, the anglo-saxon inspired houses are sure to charm you. They are surrounded by century-old trees and beautiful parks. And did you know that NDG is an « Eco-quartier »? Montreal’s Eco-quartier program funds a variety of activities that contribute to improving the environment and informing citizens. You will also find Coop la maison verte, that offers a wide range of environmentally friendly products and services, including cleaning and personal care products.

Notre Dame de Grâce is a vibrant neighbourhood that offers all the advantages of the city, while maintaining that cosy, homey feel. Are you both convinced? Great! You have found a place that will make everybody happy. Next challenge: what colour to paint the kitchen?