You’re a complex person. You want it all, a downtown location that puts you right at the center of action, and a calm, comforting homestead that you can return to after a long day’s work. You’re seeking an entirely urban atmosphere, but one which is balanced with a healthy dollop of gratuitous green space. I like your attitude, so I’m going to let you in on Montreal’s best kept secret: Point St. Charles.


This enigmatic yet altogether-charming neighbourhood (known among the especially hip as the Point, or PSC) is located in the South-west borough of Montreal and borders Verdun and St. Henri. Let me break it down for you.

Walking through Point St. Charles, one feels the distinct echo of this district’s local history: during the 19th and 20th century it served as an industrial zone and as a home to many an Irish Catholic settler. The working-class atmosphere of this era is still present in the old factories and churches that characterize the neighborhood.


In recent years, several residential developments have sprung up, and new office spaces, stylish lofts and commercial spaces are being woven into the fabric of the borough. And oh, it gets cuter. This spunky little ‘hood is all about community. One urban planning scholar counted more community organizations and services in Point St. Charles than in any other part of the city—a result of services being established during an economic downturn in the ‘60s, and still going strong in this period of renewal. The old post office and fire department have been turned into a community clinic and a library, giving it that small-town feel that make places like this ideal for starting a family.

So far so good, right? Let me take things up a notch. Point St. Charles, located a mere ten minutes from Montreal’s downtown core, currently boasts one of the cheapest rental averages in the entire city, according to the annual report of the CMHC, with a 1-bedroom apartment renting from $500 to $600 per month. Condo units start in the $130 k’s with an average cost in the low $300 k’s.


That means that living two or three metro stops away from the city’s nucleus and within the Point, you can have the kind of home that suits your needs, without sacrificing quality for location. It means you can get to work on time, feel connected to the big city, and then retreat to a home that satisfies your quality of life as well as your budget. With easy access to major highways, buses and the Charlevoix metro, you can live the big city dream without feeling claustrophobic.


Did I mention the best part? This district is green space paradise, a short walking distance from the majestic Lachine Canal where you’ll be overwhelmed by an abundance of parks and bike paths. Get to know the canal, love the canal, make it yours. Impress your hot date with your favourite spot to picnic, and go for scenic bike rides with the family.


Contemplate life with a view of the city by night as you stroll by the water or make dinner for your neighbours from fresh vegetables from the Atwater market. A large backyard is a common feature of the homes for sale in the Point -- I’m just putting that out there.

Intrigued? I don’t blame you. Cheap rent, ideal location, tons of green space, and maybe even a backyard? Think about it, you’re a complex person and you deserve a location that reflects your multi-dimensional nature. If I were you, I’d wander over to A La Fine Pointe at 1791, rue Centre (PSC) and mull it all over with some exceptional local brunch.


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