Are you one of those people who considers garage sales to be junkyards? You can’t imagine that somebody’s collection of old stuff could actually contain a hidden treasure for a passer-by like you? I have news for you! Garage sales are becoming increasingly popular because they provide both sellers and buyers the opportunity to make a good deal. Here are a few tips to help you become an ace of this environmentally-friendly and budget-friendly activity.

Strength in numbers

Ask a few friends to join you in organizing a rummage sale. The smiley neighbours who just moved in, your mother who is redecorating, again, your friends who have so many toys there’s no room for the children … the more things you have to sell, the more people will come. Just don’t forget that the more items you have, the more tables you need to display them so they are visible. Having other people to help will make a big difference in the workload involved in organizing the day.

Spread the word


As the official organizer, you want to attract as many clients as you can. One simple way of getting the word out is to make signs with the basic information about your lawn sale and put them up on posts on the corners of the main arteries in town and around your neighbourhood. It’s a sure-fire way to draw attention, and buyers, to your sale. For people off the island, you will find a calendar of local garage sales here to help you plan your weekend shopping.

Endless possibilities

2010 shelter cartoon

Keep an open mind as you scan other people’s tables full of pre-used treasures. With a little imagination and fix-it talent, there’s always a way to up-date a few items so they fit into your own décor. On the other hand, it’s important to take a minute to think about what you really plan to do with your new purchases. Where will you put them? What will you use them for? Do you really really want them? If you don’t take the time to think before you buy, you will find yourself the owner of too many knick knacks that will end up filling the table of your own garage sale the following year.

Let’s make a deal


Whether you are buying or selling, making deals is part of the game. There is no shame in offering less, or having a potential buyer offer less than asking price, especially if the reasons are valid. Part of the fun of garage sales is being able to negotiate until both parties are satisfied. And remember, dear bargain-hunters that it is easier to negotiate a better price at the end of the last afternoon of the sale, since the seller’s main goal is generally to get rid of his stuff before it’s all over. The later it gets, the less chance he has to find another buyer.

You now know everything you need to know to run a successful garage sale and to successfully run around to garage sales. No more will you throw away your items in good condition, and no more will you simply slow down in front of a lawn strewn with goodies, with a “We’re not stopping. There’s nothing interesting here!” From here on in you are a lawn/rummage/garage sale pro, and you will only get better at sniffing out bargains. What will you find next?