Located in a booming urban setting in the heart of Montreal, in the borough of Saint-Laurent, the Dalia project forms a mixed project of townhouses and condominiums surrounded by green spaces, close to services and amenities. A desirable location that is already capturing the enthusiasm of future owners.

Choosing Saint-Laurent

The new Dalia district will combine the peaceful character of the suburbs with exceptional proximity to the city center, summarizes Maxime Laporte, vice-president of real estate development for Groupe Quorum: “The Saint-Laurent borough, the second largest employment hub in Quebec, is strategically located in the center of the metropolitan area of Montreal. The project is situated nearby the two main highways, Autoroute Metropolitaine, Autoroute Décarie and Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau International Airport, the city center and its cultural life. Meanwhile, it is a quiet, safe oasis, with an authentic and diverse neighborhood life, beautiful parks, a bike path all within a mature residential environment. It is an ideal setting for balancing family and professional life, continues the vice-president. No wonder that several large-scale projects are currently under development, including the Royalmount megaproject, which will boast more than 200 stores, office spaces, cinemas, restaurants and several branded flagship stores.” Bathed in natural light and surrounded by greenery, the townhouses and condominiums will offer a practical and sought-after living environment.

Harmonious integration

The project proposes a different lifestyle, as if we were both in the city and just outside, argues Daphnée Touloumis, design director for the prestigious architecture firm Forme Studio: “The project settles on a former industrial vocation land while offering a mix that meets several needs with the conception of townhouses and condominiums. " The architectural firm was inspired by contemporary materials present in the environment. We will distinguish classic red bricks, light gray bricks, modern metal inserts, volumes that dynamically modulate the facades. These elements contribute to a dialogue with the existing heritage of the borough, says the designer: "The project revisits the materials that have been used in the district, which makes it its essence, and improves it by transforming the site into a green oasis.” Among the noteworthy features mentioned by the designer, we find spacious terraces, larger and wider spaces rather than deep units, giving more facade and allowing generous windows, central staircases illuminated by the presence of skylights. The ground floors of the townhouses will appear as an open plan with large patio doors, which will ensure a magnificent communication between the interior and the exterior environment."Terrasse Dalia

A la carte finishes

Four decorative themes have been developed to enhance the design of the units. Interior designer Anne Tremblay of LT Interiors has chosen authentic and timeless materials to meet the tastes for a wide range of customers. "The customer can adapt the space to their needs by customizing their desired living space," says the designer. In Theme 1, a kitchen with white cabinetry, pale wood accents and floors, a touch of soft green, and optional gold faucets. “A young and light atmosphere that expresses the trends of the moment”, summarizes Anne Tremblay. Theme 2 marries greige cabinetry with a palette of white and beige color, a marble countertop, a light floor, and black or chrome faucets. “This is our elegant theme, characterized by beautiful materials reminiscent of natural stones like terrazzo.” Ambiance 3 is distinguished by its walnut kitchen, its black and greige accents, its wood floors with more intense nuances. “This theme creates a warm and consensual atmosphere”, considers the designer, for a space with character. Finally, theme 4 combines black cabinets, white or marble countertops, chrome or black metal taps and a medium-tone parquet floors. “Our most refined and contemporary theme,” comments the designer, “an audacious and daring theme that brings to the forefront the generous windows.”

Green and sustainable development

Compliant with the LEED Certification Program by saving energy and using sustainable materials, Dalia is part of the new generation of responsible real estate projects. The overall exterior space will be 40% occupied by greenery. Groupe Quorum will be meticulous with the design of the townhouses and condominiums in respect with an eco-friendly approach for a new urban development completely integrated with its community. “The LEED certification program brings quality of energy efficiency,” says design director Daphnée Touloumis, “and an innovative character”. The project is built near local services such as: grocery stores, daycares, schools and pharmacy, it promotes overall active transportation. In addition to meeting the criteria for the eco-responsible certification, the townhouses will be equipped with solar panels. Large trees are also planned to be planted under conditions for their short-term growth. “By converting an industrial site into a housing complex, Dalia encourages urban density,” says Maxime Laporte. “For many of our customers, living in a LEED-certified home is also a valuable way of consuming less energy and natural resources, in short, it is about choosing a living environment that corresponds with their values.”

Coming soon!

Concerned about ensuring the safety of its customers and respecting the health standards issued by the authorities, Groupe Quorum has innovated in terms of marketing strategies. Rather than a traditional official opening, potential customers are invited to sign up and enjoy a personalised VIP visit at their convenience with the team of sales representatives. “There is such enthusiasm in the residential market right now,” explains Mr. Laporte, “that we wanted everyone interested to have a chance to visit our model unit. By subscribing to our VIP list, future owners will be first to know about the progress of the project and have the privilege of seeing firsthand, the plans of our townhouses and condominiums.”

Happiness is at home

Containment caused by the pandemic has confirmed the importance of living in a comfortable space. “We can offer more spacious areas of xx to xx ft2, than what is currently found downtown with the new wave of mini-condos at 500 or 600 sq. ft.,” Explains Mr. Laporte. Buyers can customize their space according to their particular needs, in collaboration with Forme Studio. “With the pandemic, we became aware of the importance of happiness within your living environment and the difference that a functional, well-thought-out and bright home can offer for the quality of life. That’s why we wanted to offer flexible spaces,” adds Maxime Laporte. For example, the mezzanines of the townhouses are intended for the master bedroom with a walk-in closet and an exclusive bathroom, in a suite style. It would also be possible to divide this space to accommodate a work desk or an additional bedroom.

Dalia in brief

Dalia aims to be a cosmopolitan place rich in possibilities, just like the flower from which it draws its inspiration. There are 1 to 3 bedroom condos, 2 to 3 bedroom maisonette-condos and 3 to 5 bedroom townhouses. Prices start at $ 289,900 for condominiums units and $ 959,900 for townhouses. There will be many common areas including a welcoming lobby with a bright open area and high ceiling, a friendly space created to sit and meet. In addition: an outdoor swimming pool, a private and safe park, a fitness gym and a common room where future owners can organize events and receptions.


A solid company

With 35 years of experience and more than 4,000 homes designed and built, Groupe Quorum, a family business, confirms its position as a leader in real estate in Quebec. "From your first visit to the project until the keys are handed over, we are present and involved at every stage of the purchase of your property", proudly recalls the Vice-President of Real Estate Development for Groupe Quorum. In the real estate industry, there is a lot of outsourcing, which unfortunately often results in disengagement. At Quorum, design, promotion, development: we are present at all stages. This allows us to offer products that more closely meet customer needs and deliver higher quality. "

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