Buying tips

Pre-acceptance inspection : a home-buying essential

Almost every single new home is covered by a guarantee program. For the guarantee to fully apply, it is standard procedure for the buyer to complete a pre-acceptance inspection in the presence of the builder. This inspection marks [...]


Divided and Undivided Co-Ownership: Know the difference

Within the housing market, you’ll find two types of property co-ownership that are important to differentiate: divided co-ownership and undivided co-ownership. Divided Co-Ownership Better known as a condominium, divided co-ownership of a property includes private areas and common [...]


Buying a new home? Rest insured!

When buying a new property, we readily consider the down payment, notary fees, welcome tax and inspection costs, but we often forget the expenses related to insurance. As a new home buyer, however, you will be faced with [...]


Mind Your MELs and other tips for living green-er

Your appliances proudly bear the Energy Star label. You always carry a re-usable grocery bag, just in case. You even switch it all off for earth hour … and watch hockey by candlelight on your computer. Green is [...]

Insider advice for first-time home buyers

You’re doing some serious looking and you need some serious help. Buying a first home can be a daunting affair. Here are a few tips from people in the know to boost your confidence and give you an [...]

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Condo fees: investing for the future

We’re all looking for a good deal, and condo fees are no different. In fact, low condo fees, in addition to saving us money, seem to indicate careful management on the part of the administrators. Is this really [...]

The true cost of buying a home

Beginning with the selling price of the property that you are interested in, the purchase of a house or condo involves many different expenses, some of which you may not have considered. From the welcome tax to notary [...]

Housing: the ABCs of buying new

Adaptability: Walk-in closet or second bathroom? Bedroom or media room? Hardwood floors or carpet? You know what you want and when you buy new, there is more chance you will get it. From personalizing the plans to choosing [...]


Real estate transaction: meet the professionals

You will not be alone if you decide to purchase a new home: there is a team of professionals who will be involved at various points along the way and will play a key role in the process. [...]

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Energy efficiency – a home for all seasons

You think the winters are cold in Quebec? If you have to crank the heat up to max, along with your Hydro bill, it’s time to put the cold back where it belongs – outside. Energy efficiency refers [...]