Mireille Fiset

Known for her insatiable curiosity, Mireille Mayrand-Fiset is passionate about music, culture and travel. She is a theatre and television writer, a translator and a blogger.
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Mortgages in 10 lessons

You’re almost ready to realize your dream and buy your first home, but the very thought of a mortgage gives you hives? You don’t understand anything when it comes to down payments, interest, insurance, amortization and mortgage terms? [...]

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Buying a new home? Rest insured!

When buying a new property, we readily consider the down payment, notary fees, welcome tax and inspection costs, but we often forget the expenses related to insurance. As a new home buyer, however, you will be faced with [...]

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The true cost of buying a home

Beginning with the selling price of the property that you are interested in, the purchase of a house or condo involves many different expenses, some of which you may not have considered. From the welcome tax to notary [...]

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