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When she isn't toying with the idea of going to sea, going to bed, building a cabin in the woods, or opening a bottle of good whiskey, Laura Brouillette is the bullet that just passed you on the bike path. She is also a copywriter, people watcher, white water rafting guide, and a blogger for
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Hip begins where the Mile Ends

Oh no. The Plateau has become too popular. The word is out that it’s cool. And now uncool people are moving in, trying to be cool. “Eeep!” said the hipsters. “Too mainstream! Run away! No true art comes [...]

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10 and a half reasons to stay in Montreal

So you’re thinking of doing it – of packing up, moving hearth and home, and starting afresh in a new city. It’s just so hard to decide which one. I can help you with that. Here’s why Montreal [...]

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Lofty dreamin’

The space is big – wide open, in fact. The walls are covered in sketches and clippings and inspirational relics are strewn everywhere. You prop a larger than life canvas up against the wall, throw paint at it [...]

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10 things to do in Montreal in the winter

We’ve all heard tales of the Montreal winter. People talk about it in whispers, as if the-season-that-must-not-be-named is an endless tunnel devoid of light and happiness. Sometime in fall, as the legend goes, when all the tourists have [...]

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A monkey like Darwin in your condo?

Stylish pets in your choice of single or double breasted coat: coming soon to an Ikea near you. All the commotion this week has really got me thinking about pets. In case you’ve been under a rock for [...]

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