Lofty dreamin’

The space is big – wide open, in fact. The walls are covered in sketches and clippings and inspirational relics are strewn everywhere. You prop a larger than life canvas up against the wall, throw paint at it [...]


Notre-Dame-de-Grâce : keeping everybody happy

You’re a city person. You go to work by metro; you try the little bistro. Problem is, your partner prefers the suburbs — parks for those kids in your future, the sounds of birds singing at the crack [...]


St. Henri + you = A match made in Montreal heaven?

Dear reader, meet St. Henri. St. Henri, reader. I pride myself on my matchmaking abilities, and I can tell something magical is about to happen. Sick of hearing about your ex the Plateau? Downtown too outgoing? The Village [...]

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Parler English

Do you feel drawn by the romance and the intrigue that is Montreal? You want to make this vibrant and multidimensional city your new home, but you hesitate? Only one thing is really preventing you – the French. [...]

Isoler sa maison

Energy efficiency – a home for all seasons

You think the winters are cold in Quebec? If you have to crank the heat up to max, along with your Hydro bill, it’s time to put the cold back where it belongs – outside. Energy efficiency refers [...]


10 things to do in Montreal in the winter

We’ve all heard tales of the Montreal winter. People talk about it in whispers, as if the-season-that-must-not-be-named is an endless tunnel devoid of light and happiness. Sometime in fall, as the legend goes, when all the tourists have [...]

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Top 5 reasons to live on the Plateau

I have a problem. I really do. Every time I take the Sherbrooke bus, also known as “the 24,” I fall in love. And we’re talking “Oh sweet angel, wherefor art th—No don’t get off! NO! at least [...]